Thursday, August 14, 2014

Repainting a Restaurant: Tips from NM Commercial Painting Contractors

Many people judge the worth of a restaurant based on how long it’s been in business. After all, a restaurant that has stood the test of time could only mean they serve delicious food, right? However, just because time helps increase the value of a restaurant, it doesn’t mean your establishment needs to look dated. Every now and then, a restaurant owner needs to hire experienced Albuquerque commercial painting contractors to apply a fresh coat of paint to their restaurant. If your restaurant has reached that point in time, here are a few tips to help make the repainting project go off without a hitch.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Reducing Indoor Air Pollution with Industrial Painting in Albuquerque

People on the daily grind in New Mexico’s Duke City commercial establishments are typically indoors for about eight hours a day, making their health a primary concern of efficient facilities management. Volatile organic compounds or VOCs that may be circulating around an enclosed space makes indoor pollution a serious threat to the health of your employees, so hiring reliable Albuquerque industrial painting professionals is one of the best ways you could help maintain the productivity and the well-being of your staff. What VOCs Are Volatile organic compounds are carbon-based chemicals that easily evaporate at room temperature, and while many of these can be easily detected and thus avoided, some are in fact odorless and practically undetectable. The most common VOCs include acetone, benzene, formaldehyde, toluene, xylene, and methylene chloride. If it remains undetected, VOC levels in the body could eventually reach hazardous amounts.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Commercial Painting Contractors in Albuquerque Adding to Better Sales

"Market research should also determine which colors will work with certain demographics. If your store is catering towards Asian Americans, for example, a red color scheme for the store works, as red is synonymous with celebrations and good fortune. Never forget to adapt the official colors of your store’s branding. It is important that your customers’ mood be calmed down to help them reach an educated decision on buying a product. According to Porter, light colors such as orange and brown are “reassuring” to shoppers, and promo shelves with cues such as red arrows can make customers stop and see the items. While adequate lighting can highlight the peaceful mood, your contractor may advise limiting certain colors as accent material to better highlight the merchandise."

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Mapping Options for Industrial Painting via Albuquerque Contractors

"Gather more details about the demographics and sensitivities in your area. There’s the rub, however: do you want your facility to be bold or do you want it to emphasize discretion? If you are aiming for a certain color that strikes a balance between the two, ask your contractor if they can apply custom-mix paint. If a home has a cool outside appearance, then the same should apply (if not be better) to the inside, which is where epoxy flooring in Albuquerque comes in. Contractors such as JTC vouch for the system because it is applicable on many base surfaces and adheres to them thoroughly. Epoxy floors are common on industrial facility interiors with a great deal of foot and vehicle traffic because they can withstand much abuse; wooden floors with epoxy coatings carry a natural luster or provide design opportunities for, say large corporate logos."

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Putting Commercial Painting Contractors from Albuquerque on Diner Duty

Trotto’s story may be on the East Coast, but it can certainly encourage Albuquerqueans to reminisce on times gone by. The city has a large number of food establishments, with some of them being prominent roadside diners due to the Q’s proximity to Route 66. If you operate a diner that needs a visual trip back in time, consider enlisting commercial painting contractors in Albuquerque like JTC Inc. for the job.

The odyssey of the Blue Belle and its condition before the reopening should give you clues on where your establishment’s appearance may be fraying. You can then consult your painting specialist on the proper solutions, which will be detailed in a free quote. The lunch car, which dates back to July, 1948, had its porcelain cover panels chipping paint in several locations by the time it was moved to Shrewsbury.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Spicing up the Hangar Floor through Industrial Painting in Albuquerque

The wide expanse of New Mexico may provide opportunities for building private airfields or aviation facilities, as well as refurbishing abandoned ones that have not been converted for non-aviation purposes. Albuquerque has a number of privately-owned hangars, foremost being the one maintained by retired IndyCar driver Bobby Unser. If you operate your own small airfield with a hangar that deserves a makeover, professionals at industrial painting in Albuquerque like the team at JTC Inc. will find ways to make it work.

Concrete may be the most common foundation material for hangar floors, but a visual inspection of the entire surface will be needed to further assess the scope of the project. Old hangars may have flayed floor coatings and paint. Jackson says diamond grinders will smoothen the floor surface and prepare it for the painting.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

NM Commercial Painting Contractors Ensure High Quality and Efficiency

For reputable NM commercial painting contractors, painting for protection, durability, and aesthetics is as important as any other aspect of the construction process. This task, however, takes a reasonable amount of time to complete and requires more than mere rollers and brushes to finish. Fortunately, reputable industrial painting contractors have highly trained employees and top-notch tools in their arsenal.

Meanwhile, according to an Ezine article, commercial painters have several considerations to make to ensure that they handle their tasks efficiently. Among other things, the methods industrial painting contractors choose should ensure that the paint lasts longer. Prevention of rust, dirt, and chemicals should also be duly noted before applying the coating on any surface.