Monday, May 26, 2014

Spicing up the Hangar Floor through Industrial Painting in Albuquerque

The wide expanse of New Mexico may provide opportunities for building private airfields or aviation facilities, as well as refurbishing abandoned ones that have not been converted for non-aviation purposes. Albuquerque has a number of privately-owned hangars, foremost being the one maintained by retired IndyCar driver Bobby Unser. If you operate your own small airfield with a hangar that deserves a makeover, professionals at industrial painting in Albuquerque like the team at JTC Inc. will find ways to make it work.

Concrete may be the most common foundation material for hangar floors, but a visual inspection of the entire surface will be needed to further assess the scope of the project. Old hangars may have flayed floor coatings and paint. Jackson says diamond grinders will smoothen the floor surface and prepare it for the painting.

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